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Sunnyside strives to be the brightest part of your day, providing education and a judgement-free place to shop for cannabis. Sunnyside has grown to over 60 dispensaries nationwide and counting.

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About Sunnyside Dispensary

Sunnyside emerges as the pioneering national retail brand stemming from the innovative roots of Cresco Labs. Central to Cresco Labs’ mission is an ambitious triad: the reformation, professionalization, and normalization of medical marijuana treatment within the fabric of the United States. As part of their nationwide operation spanning over twelve states, Cresco Labs notably acquired The One Plant Dispensary, solidifying its status as a leading presence in the national cannabis arena.

An unwavering commitment underscores Cresco Labs’ pursuit of empowering patients through access to consistently superior-quality cannabis, fostering a natural avenue toward enhanced daily lives. The Sunnyside Dispensary network stands as a beacon, illuminating the intricate realm of medical marijuana for Florida’s patients. Rooted in a belief in the transformative potential of the cannabis plant, Sunnyside Medical envisions it as an ally in the battle against chronic and debilitating medical conditions, seamlessly interwoven into patients’ holistic wellness routines.

The warmth and approachability synonymous with The One Plant Dispensary staff are equally mirrored in Sunnyside Medical’s team, all fervently devoted to unlocking the manifold benefits that the cannabis plant harbors. Proudly touting one of the most extensive arrays of cannabis products in the market, Sunnyside Medical’s product lines encompass premium marijuana flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and a diverse assortment of offerings from one of the cannabis industry’s most reputable names. In essence, Sunnyside Dispensary remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering nothing short of the finest offerings to its patients.

Within the tapestry of medical marijuana expertise, Sunnyside dispensary professionals collaborate seamlessly with Trinity Releaf’s personnel, harmonizing to establish the ideal trajectory encompassing delivery modes, dosages, and optimal products, all in the spirit of nurturing compassionate and effective care. For those embarking on the path toward medical marijuana treatment in Florida and envisioning a visit to the numerous Sunnyside Medical locations, the imperative inaugural step entails an evaluation by a medical marijuana doctor. Facilitating this pivotal journey is Trinity Releaf, poised to provide medical marijuana card evaluations spanning new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers. Embark on your quest for relief by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation appointment without delay!

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