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Route of Administration How Quickly it Works How Long it Lasts Considerations
Vaporizer (Inhalation) 5-10 min 2-5 hours Good for quick relief. (May not be best route for people with lung issues, like asthma or COPD). Typically dosed up to 8-10 times per day.
Oral 1-2 hours 6-10 hours Good for patients who need long term, all day/night effects. Typically dosed 2-3 times per day.
Topical 15 - 30 mins Varies Good for localized problem - single joint or skin condition of small area.
Rectal 30-60 min Varies-hours Useful for patients with swallowing issues, nausea/vomiting, unconscious patients.
Indica Sativa CBD
Common Effects - Providing relaxation and reducing stress
- Relaxes muscles/spasms
- Reduces pain/inflammation
- Improves sleep
- Reduces anxiety
- Reduces nausea
- Reduces intraocular pressure
- Stimulating/energizing
- Increase sense of well-being, focus, creativity
- Reducing depression, elevating mood
- Reducing pain
- Relieve headache/migraine/nausea
- Increased appetite
- Pain relief
- Anxiety relief
- Inflammation reduction
- Nausea reduction
- Nervous system degeneration prevention
- Muscle spasm suppression
- Reduces intestinal spasms